Below are resources for our center partners to use when telling staff and consumers about Genoa Healthcare.

All copy can be customized with your specific center information. 

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Genoa Healthcare Logos 

Download Genoa Healthcare logos to use on your website, in your newsletter, or whenever you talk about Genoa Healthcare.

Full-Color Logo: 

Website Copy

Use this copy to describe Genoa Healthcare services on your website.

Newsletter Copy

Use this copy to describe Genoa Healthcare in your newsletter.

Social Media Copy

Let your social media followers know about Genoa Healthcare.

Word Document: Download Social Copy

Image Library

Use these images when talking about Genoa Healthcare in your newsletter, on your website or social media channels.

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Lobby Slides

Play these slides on any monitors throughout your center.

PPT: Download Slide Deck

Quarterly Marketing Campaigns

Each quarter, Genoa Healthcare pharmacies launch a marketing campaign to engage consumers.

Below are details on our 2019 quarterly campaigns. Check back each quarter for specific campaign messaging that you can use in your center communications. 

Quarter 1: We've Got Your Back
Encourage consumers to visit Genoa Healthcare during Q1 to learn about the many benefits of our pharmacy services. Consumers can pick up a free Genoa Healthcare drawstring bag during their visit!
Word document: Download Q1 Campaign Messaging

Quarter 2: We're Here to Help
Genoa Healthcare is dedicated to helping our consumers. Invite consumers to visit the pharmacy during Q2 for their free First Aid Kit, and learn about all the ways Genoa Healthcare can help!

Quarter 3: Here to Serve
During Q3, our pharmacy staff will educate consumers and center partners on the many ways we’re here to serve. Consumers will receive a free, reusable lunch bag when they visit Genoa Healthcare during this campaign!

Quarter 4: Celebrating Our Consumers
Genoa Healthcare will end the year by celebrating our consumers. Starting in December, our sites will give away 2020 calendars featuring consumer art from the 2019 consumer art contest. Pick up one of these beautiful calendars to display throughout the next year!

Need Something Else?

If you have additional marketing needs, please reach out to marketing@genoahealthcare.com.