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You want your consumers to be safe and healthy, especially during a crisis like the one we're facing today. Keeping them on their medications is critical, but managing medications takes time and focus. An on-site Genoa Healthcare consumer medication coordinator (CMC) can take care of medication-related issues for you, so your staff can stay focused on your core services. Watch the video below to learn more.


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The CMC model

A consumer medication coordinator connects your consumers and staff to all the pharmacy services provided by Genoa Healthcare. CMCs work on site at your center, integrating with your care teams. They partner closely with an off-site Genoa Healthcare pharmacy to ensure your consumers get and stay on their medications.


Genoa Pharmacy Services

  • Fills all medications
  • Provides pre-filled pill organizers
  • Available for medication consultation with consumers and staff

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Genoa CMC Services

  • On-site pharmacy liaison
  • Coordinates prescription fulfillment and
  • At most locations, can meet consumers curb-side for minimal contact pick-up
  • Refill reminder and adherence calls
  • Assists with prior authorization
  • Builds relationships with consumers
  • Integrates with center staff


Consumers & Mental Health Center Benefits

  • Builds relationship and has direct communication with CMC
  • Free prescription mailing
  • Personalized packaging
  • Convenience of on-site pharmacy resource, integrated into care team
  • Access to pharmacist
  • Access to pharmacy adherence data

DSC_0185Services implemented quickly

Adding a CMC to your center requires no investment from you and can be implemented in a matter of weeks. CMCs are able to lighten the workload of your staff almost immediately by: 

  • Assisting with prior authorizations, even as payers reinstate requirements that were waived due to COVID-19
  • Synchronizing prescriptions and packaging 
  • Communicating needs or changes between the pharmacy, consumer and care team 
  • Managing refill reminder and adherence calls to each consumer ensuring there is no lapse in refills or prescriptive care

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