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Together we can do more

Center Partner Resources 

Here to support you, your staff and the people you serve.

Could your patients use some extra help with their medications? Remind them that Genoa Healthcare is part of their team. In addition to caring for and getting to know each person we serve on an individual level, we also work with you, their providers, to make sure the care we provide is an integrated part of their treatment plan. We can help ensure your consumers get and - most importantly - stay on their medications.

Please view this fact sheet to learn more about Genoa Healthcare, and use the below resources to spread the word about Genoa to your consumers and staff. If you have any questions, please reach out to your on-site pharmacist or to Genoa's marketing team.

Website copy

Please post this copy on your website so consumers have access to accurate and reliable information regarding the pharmacy services available to them. 

On-site Pharmacy | Download Website Copy  Medication Coordinator | Download Website Copy  Download General Website Copy

Newsletter copy

Use this copy in the newsletters that you send to staff, consumers, or both!

On-Site Pharmacy | Download Newsletter Copy  Medication Coordinator | Download Newsletter Copy

Social media copy

Please use this copy on your social media feeds to let followers know about the services that Genoa offers in your location(s). 

On-Site Pharmacy | Download Social Media Copy  Medication Coordinator | Download Social Media Copy

Digital waiting room ads

Feature one or more of these ads in your virtual waiting room to inform consumers about Genoa while they await their telehealth appointments. Please also feel free to utilize these ads on any digital displays that you have available in your physical waiting rooms.

Download Waiting Room Ads

Photo resources 

Need an image to accompany your newsletter article, social media post, or website copy? Right click on your preferred image below to save it to your computer.

Additional resources

Do you have additional marketing needs or questions? Click here to reach out to Genoa's marketing team.