Pharmacy support when it's needed most

Keeping your consumers on their medications is critical. With telepharmacy available to mental health centers in Michigan, you can now offer on-site pharmacy services to help keep them on track.

A Genoa Healthcare telepharmacy is dedicated to you and your staff, ensuring your consumers get and stay on their medications.


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The telepharmacy model

Telepharmacies look and feel like a pharmacy but run a little differently. Learn how each moving part works together to keep your consumers on their medications:

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Remote pharmacist

  • Connects with consumers and pharmacy technicians via HIPAA-compliant audio/visual technology
  • Oversees prescriptions and patient counseling remotely
  • Available to center staff and providers for medication or treatment plan questions


On-site pharmacy technician

  • The face of the pharmacy, builds and maintains one-on-one relationships with consumers and center staff
  • Coordinates prescription fulfillment and mailing/delivery
  • Provides prior authorization assistance, refill reminder and adherence calls

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Consumer and center benefits

  • Builds relationship and has direct communication with pharmacy team
  • Access to pharmacy adherence data
  • Convenience of on-site pharmacy resource, integrated into care team
  • Free prescription mailing
  • Personalized packaging

Lipkin_7540Improved outcomes

A recent study published by the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy shows that consumers who use Genoa Healthcare have medication adherence rates of 90%, compared to 50% in traditional retail pharmacy.

This study validates the long-held theory that better medication adherence leads to better outcomes, including reduced emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

To help keep consumers on track, Genoa Healthcare offers:

  • Free medication mailing 
  • Customized pre-filled pill organizers
  • Refill synchronization
  • Reminder calls
  • Prior authorization assistance

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